What We Do


We develop and implement community-based projects to provide youth with skills and resources to become agents of change in their communities. Our approach is to actively involve all members of the community in the process. Together we are able to find answers to most pressing needs.

Our Working Methodology

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis build the foundation of how we plan and develop our projects. Through participatory methods we actively involve our target groups in these processes. As a result we can identify their capacities and needs, which is essential for the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of our projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is crucial to validate the impact of our projects and to continuously revise and improve our work. Thus, we combine traditional with creative monitoring and evaluation methodologies. We supplement qualitative and quantitative research with story telling, photo monitoring and video documenting.

Technology and Innovation

Social media and interactive tools are dynamic platforms for disseminating information and raising awareness on the social causes of our work. The use of innovative technologies in our projects allows for a wider reach as it enables anyone to engage in interactive manners. By building upon the advantages of technology we develop innovative alternatives of civic participation.

Institutional Cooperation

Cooperation with public, private and civil society institutions is essential for the sustainability of our work. By coordinating our actions with other local stakeholders, we not only improve the overall response to social issues affecting groups in socioeconomic disadvantage, but also foster knowledge transfer and capacity building opportunities among institutions.