Who We Are


We are a human rights organization without any religious or political affiliation, officially recognized by the Institute of Social Assistance of Jalisco (IJAS). Our aim is to empower and engage youth to become agents of change in their homes, schools and communities.

Iniciativa Cambium México A.C.

Our Mission

To empower and engage youth to become agents of change in their homes, schools and communities.

Our visiOn 

A society in which individuals and communities actively engage in initiatives that lead to peaceful dialogue and social change.  

Our Values

Human Rights
Gender Equality

Our Story 

Iniciativa Cambium Mexico A.C. was founded in 2017, inspired by a vision of society where youth has the knowledge and resources to create a positive change in their own lives and their communities. The aim was to develop community-based projects that lead to empowerment and social change. The concept for Iniciativa Cambium arises from the strong interest of its founders, Sonja Störmer and Nestor Ali Esparza Magaña, to foster and promote human rights and their professional experiences working for international NGOs in Mexico, Colombia, United States, Germany, Azerbaijan and India.

Our Name

When a tree suffers a wound or encounters an obstacle, it is capable of finding a solution for it. It can generate new tissues: to the inside, strengthening its trunk, and to the outside, expanding its roots. The part of a tree enabling this remarkable process is called Cambium and herewith the inspiration for our name. We believe that through our social initiatives we can support individuals in strengthening and expanding their capacities in a similar way. Eventually this will lead to positive changes in our communities and society.


Sonja Störmer

Co-founder and General Director

Nestor Ali Esparza Magaña

Co-founder and Board of Directors Member

Hugo Javier Ramirez Diaz

Field Coordinator